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Burlington Junk Removal is the premier trash removal company in the Pumpkin area.  No matter what kind of trash you need to remove, we can do it.  Maybe you have recently had a garage sale and you cannot bear to clean up the mess made by the things that didn’t sell.  Perhaps you own a business, and you are redoing parts of your offices to accommodate new furniture and desks.  Maybe you own a property, and you have had former tenants leave your rental property a mess when they left.  Perhaps you have a large appliance or an old mattress that just needs to take a ride to the dump.  Whether your job is big or small, we can help.  Contact us today for free, no obligation quote.  You can even send us a picture of your trash, and we can give you, many times, an estimate right then.  And if you are worried about the environment, guess what?  We are, too, which is why we offer eco-friendly disposal, recycling, and removal of your junk so that you can make sure that it does not end up in a landfill. 

Debris can come from a variety of places.  We know that junk can easily pile up in a household with lots of family members, and you may need to clean it out from time to time.  Sometimes debris comes from situations that we cannot control like natural disasters, floods, and fire.  And sometimes, we go through a renovation process or have new construction that causes a lot of construction waste.  Whatever you are experiencing right now, you can trust that Burlington Junk Removal can get the job done.  Our team of professional junk removal experts will take care of your problem quickly and efficiently, allowing you to go on with your life without worrying about what you are leaving behind.  We will remove, re-use, recycle, and throw them away according to all state and national mandates and leave you with a clean slate. 




The biggest jobs are oftentimes the closest to the heart.  Here at Burlington Junk Removal, we know that moving from house to house can be hard not only because it requires the family to do lots of work but also because it involves leaving behind tangible memories.  No one wants to throw away good reminders of their past, but sometimes, we must in order to be able to fill our homes with new memories.  Let our team of trained professionals help you to clear out your home during a move by taking away the things you do not want so that you can concentrate on packing up what you are bringing to your new place.  We can do a quick curbside trash pick-up, or you can schedule a larger crew to haul away even a house full of items.   

Burlington Junk Removal is also your go-to for estate trash removal.  When relatives pass away, they often leave years’ worth of accumulated goods, much of which you may not have room or the inclination to keep.  It is hard to get rid of someone else’s belongings, especially if it causes pain to a grieving person.  We can help.  Contact the professionals at Burlington Junk Removal, and we will respond right away with a free estimate on affordable junk removal.  We can pack up and haul away small areas of a home or an entire home’s contents.  No job is too big for us to handle. 

And if you are a rental property owner, consider calling us whenever you need to switch tenants.  We can haul away the materials left behind from your previous tenants to make room for the new ones and ethically get rid of the debris left behind by those who were renting from you.  We specialize in ethical waste disposal so that as much as possible is reused or recycled while very little ends up in a landfill.  We will work quickly so that a new family can begin enjoying your rental property. 

Although many of the jobs we do are big ones, Burlington Junk Disposal can also handle the smallest of jobs as well.  Think of us when you are installing a new refrigerator, stove, or washing machine.  Our team of specialists can handle appliance removal so that you do not have to worry about what to do with the old appliance after installing the new one.  Ask us about the mattress removal as well so that you do not have to haul off the old one when trying to enjoy your new bedroom furniture.  And we are the perfect company to consult when doing home renovation projects.  If you are installing new cabinets, flooring, backsplashes, or countertops, we can haul away your mess so that you can turn your space into a masterpiece. 


Commercial Service

Not only does Burlington Junk Removal take care of all your residential trash hauling needs, we can take care of all your commercial property junk hauling as well.  And no job is too bag or too small.  We can clear out a single office, or we can take care of cleaning out an entire multi-level office complex.  And Burlington Junk Removal can arrange to clear out your commercial property outside regular office hours so that you can go on with business as usual with very little interruption.  Our trash haulers can even arrange a trash haul daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  Whether you own warehouses and manufacturing spacesretail shops, or construction sites, we can handle whatever you need. 

And have no fear if you are concerned about your trash ending up in a landfill.  We will take care of your commercial waste in an environmentally friendly way.  Burlington Junk Removal will recycle plastic, paper, and parts of machinery that can be recycled.  Whatever cannot be reused or recycled, we will ethically dispose of according to all state and federal mandates.  We do even the toughest job a breeze, so contact us today to get started getting rid of your commercial waste. 

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Chittenden Junk Removal

Our company provides our local community with a multitude of services. From junk removal to structure demolitions, we have you covered. We know what it is like when things get busy. Sometimes our lives can get away from us. Therefore, we sometimes put things we must do on the backburner. If that is you and you need a little help catching up on getting rid of that old junk, just give New Orleans Junk Removal a call.

When you call New Orleans Junk Removal, you will talk to one of our professional staff members. While on the phone, we will find out some Important information about your project such as location, name, email, phone number, and of course, how much junk you need to be removed. Once all that is figured out, our crew will come to you. Our highly skilled and professional junk removers (yes, we are highly skilled) will come to your location and handle business. Check out some of the things we can pick up and get rid of for you.

Mattress and Boxspring Disposal

Mattresses are heavy and cumbersome. Over the years they get heavier and heavier due to dead skin cells and dust. These bulky items can be hard to move and difficult to transport. Most local trash companies will not pick these up. Burlington junk removal is ready to help we will come in load your old mattress and box spring onto our vehicles and haul it off to be disposed of

it’s awesome when you get a brand new bed and a mattress but the problem is you still have the old one to deal with so unless you can give it away or donate it you have to get someone to pick it up. And if that is the case, give us a call and we’ll make sure to haul it away and you’ll never have to worry about it again.


Hot Tub Disposal

Who doesn’t love a hot tub? They say,” The best day of your life is the day you buy a hot tub and the day you get rid of a hot tub.” Well I don’t know if that’s true I do know that hot tubs can be difficult to move and get rid of. Our qualified technicians can come in and remove your hot tub in one piece or if absolutely necessary cut your hot tub into smaller pieces in order for it’s to be removed. so if you have an old hot stop that is sitting around and you’re ready to move it and get rid of it give us a call.

Junk Removal in Burlington

Not only do we serve Burlington but we also serve the entire Chittenden county. We look forward to continuing serving you and our community. We specialize in picking up any old debris or junk you may like lying around. We all know we love to start the new year with a clean slate or clean out our garages before summer. when you decide to do that and you wind up with a pile of stuff that you need to get rid of just give us a call and we’ll make sure to haul it away. We can take old toys, furniture, appliances, exercise equipment and much much more.


Garden Clearance

Outdoor spaces around the home are often where clutter first appears, so it is important to think about the first impression your house is giving to those who pass by it.  Nothing improves the look or feel of a home or business like a clean and well-manicured outdoor area.  If you are finding that your garden or backyard are slowly filling up with junk you no longer want like old decking, fencing, or barbecue or pool equipment, contact Burlington Junk Removal for a free estimate on junk removal.  We can even clear out falling down sheds or garages so that you can once again enjoy the outdoor area surrounding your residential or commercial property.  And have no fear when you call us.  We will remove it all and clean it up after ourselves so that you can begin to use the cleared-out space in the way that you want right away. 

Dumpster Rental 


Sometimes our clients would prefer to haul trash themselves, but they do not have enough space or enough time to keep making hauls to the dump to dispose of materials.  Burlington Junk Removal also has a solution for that.  We can provide our commercial and residential customers with temporary dumpsters as well as one time or scheduled regular pick-ups.   

Once you contact us, we will come out to survey your property and measure to find the most convenient and safest place to add your temporary dumpster.  We will then arrange to have the dumpster delivered to your location so that you can begin the cleanout as soon as possible.  You can call us to arrange a pickup date, or you can schedule daily, weekly, or monthly trash pickup so that you can keep working while not having to worry about debris piling up.  Temporary dumpsters are the perfect solution for home renovation projects, office cleanouts, construction site maintenance, or estate removal.  Contact us today to see our varied options for getting rid of your unwanted junk. 

Furniture Removal

Getting new furniture is an exciting day. But oftentimes we have to get rid of the old furniture first before we can bring the new stuff in. A lot of times your old furniture can be donated to Goodwill or given away to a friend. But sometimes they have difficulty getting there to pick it up. If that is the case give us a call. We’ll move it from one area of the city to the other. Or if the furniture is old and not reusable we can get rid of it and haul it off to the landfill. We take everything from old beds, recliners, sofa chairs, desks and dining room tables. If you need it gone, where your guys. Call today for a free estimate on all your furniture disposal needs.

junk pile in New Orleans

Garage Sale Clean-Out

Having a garage sale and don’t know what to do at the end of the sale with the things that did not get sold?  You can spend the afternoon packing boxes of items to sell later or you can pack up the car with donations, but perhaps you just want the remnants to be gone.  Tell us when your sale is over, and we will come haul away anything left so that you do not have to worry about garage sale pickup.  Let us take the hard work of cleaning up away from you so that you can avoid cluttering your house again with the stuff you intended to sell.   


House and Apartment Cleanouts

If you have an apartment that has been rented or a house that has tenants that have moved Burlington junk removal is a great person to know. when someone moves out of a house they often leave things behind. Most of the time these things need to go to the trash. depending on how much is left it may be a little more than the average homeowner can handle. If this is the case then Burlington junk removal is here for you. If you have a tenant that has left behind stuff or maybe a foreclosed home that needs to be cleaned out we specialize in house clearance and apartment cleanouts. We also specialize in hoarder cleanouts so if you’re an investor or at a real estate agent who has acquired a house that was owned by a hoarder then give us a call.

Appliance Removal

If it’s time to get rid of those old appliances and replace them with new ones and you need someone to haul those other ones away give us a call. All old appliances are either recycled or repurposed. We work with resellers of appliances that will take your old appliance, repair them 

and sell them at a discount and rate for those in need. So if you have an old appliance that has just been sitting around or it’s just time to go, the professional movers at Burlington junk removal can take care of it for you. Just give us a call Tell us what you have and we’ll give you a quote right over the phone.

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With years of experience with junk removal, you know you can trust the licensed and insured experts at Burlington Junk Removal.  We offer the best prices for trash removal, and we work fast to make sure the job is done.  Contact us today.  No job is too large or too small. 

Let us work hard for you. Give us a call today and let us do the heavy lifting. We will give you a removal price separate from the dumping fee. We believe in fully transparent pricing.

“When my grandmother passed away last year, I just couldn’t bring myself to clean out her belongings from her house.  It took me a long time to sift through all of her belongings to find what I wanted to keep.  But when it was time to let the rest go, I was so glad that I called Burlington Junk Removal They were so fast and so kind, and my grandmother’s house is now on the market, ready to be sold”

Jone Diaz

“I was working on a bathroom renovation project last year, and Burlington Junk Removal was able to clear out my old bathroom materials so I could quickly install my new bathroom.  I was so amazed at their efficiency!” 

David Smith

“I got in a jam and needed my old apartment cleared out by the end of the day.  I contacted Burlington Junk Removal, and they came out with a crew right away.  By the afternoon, my old apartment was completely empty.  They were a lifesaver!” – Lisa S. 

Janet Chavez

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Structure Demo and Removal

Our company is glad to offer structure demolition. If you have an structure that’s needs to be removed give us a call today for a free estimate. We can remove old sheds, play equipment, decks, pools and more.

Concrete Demo and Removal

We have qualified workers that can cut and remove existing or damaged flatwork. This includes patios, driveways, and sidewalks. Our crew will demo and remove all concrete from an area.

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